High-definition Cinematic Productions

We are Media Acquisition Specialist capturing unique angles, perspectives and challenging locations for photographic or cinematic production houses.

Our cost-efficient aerial photography and cinematography uses aerial drones to achieve closer perspectives than helicopter setups. Low noise requirement or crowded settings where drones are restricted, we use cranes or our 60 foot telescopic remote control mast. Our specialties include corporate product modeling, documentaries, narrative film production and landscape footage using the latest photographic technology in macro, stop motion and multi-axis time- lapse. Video and film services cover standard definition, Broadcast 1080P high-definition, emerging 4K resolution in cinematic 24P or super slow motion frame rates.

To achieve the highest quality media delivery, we offer post production editing suite services specializing in Adobe Premiere Pro linear editing, Adobe After Effects special-effects, DaVinci Resolve color correction and color grading of acquired high-definition footage up to 6k resolution delivery.

Photography promotional and gallery quality printing up to 44″x72″ in multiple paper media and sizes. If you’re looking for unique architectural or landscape stock photography Gallery quality printing or media projects, we have an extensive portfolio.

Please contact us for scheduling and quotes.

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